"Give Your Child An Unstoppable Attitude And Unshakable Confidence With Noble Martial Arts In Dripping Springs Texas!"

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Success Stories

“Thank you for all the hard work you do with the kiddos. Initially, we enrolled our daughter with the hopes that she would enjoy something new and gain a bit of self-discipline. We were astounded when we discovered that she was learning much more than 'just karate'. In only a few short months we have seen a tremendous improvement in her attitude and respect for others, as well as a healthy awareness about strangers. And of course, her martial arts skills are developing nicely, too. You have a unique ability to reach out to and connect with all ages and skill levels to help guide both children and adults through their martial arts journey. To anyone considering enrolling... don’t hesitate any longer!!”

- Richard & Justine Boyer

"Our son, Trace, has been in your class four weeks now and we have noticed a big difference in a short amount of time… I have never heard more ‘yes ma’ams’ and ‘no sirs’ from him, even though this is something we have worked on… Mr. Massie has shown great patience with my playful little child and taught him respect. Thank you Mr. Massie!"

- Brandon and Anissa Lopez

"My son has been attending Mr. Massie's classes for almost a year. Michael Massie is a dedicated instructor that is focused on teaching his students more than just fundamental martial arts skills and techniques. His training also emphasizes valuable life skills such as discipline, respect, and integrity. I have seen a positive improvement in my son's attitude and focus since attending martial arts class... He is also learning the values of practice and dedication to achieve his goals. I completely endorse Michael Massie and would recommend his school to anyone looking to learn martial arts."

Alex Lagares

"The best thing I ever did for my kids was to let them join Mr. Massie's classes. At first, I was skeptical, thinking it was just a lot of kicking and playing... that was far from the truth. They are learning valuable safety skills, along with a sport that is teaching a wonderful skill, taught with respect... The positive reinforcement demonstrated during class is crucial to the kids, their self-esteem has improved, and they see the benefits and rewards. We did the soccer route, etc., but find the martial arts experience of nearly two years so far, is ten-fold more beneficial, both physically and emotionally."

- Melanie Monroe

"It's always a great thing when you talk to someone about your martial art school and the minute you mention who your instructor, is, that person can't stop raving about them. This was the case for me a few weeks ago. I was emailing the State Championship director... in my email I had explained that Alyxis was being trained by Mr. Massie... he said we were very fortunate to have Master Massie as our instructor. We totally feel lucky to have Mr. Massie as our children's instructor and can easily see that he is not only good at what he does, but he is very passionate and caring about his job. Thank you for everything that you and your staff have brought to our family."

Deana Garrick

Dear Parent,

Mike Massie martial arts instructor Dripping Springs TXHi, my name is Michael Massie and I want to thank you for checking out Dripping Springs Krav Maga.

As the owner and head Krav Maga instructor here at Dripping Springs Krav Maga, it’s always a pleasure to welcome new students to our studio and to help them gain confidence through martial arts.

If you’re looking to give your child…

  • Increased Self-Confidence
  • Improved Mental Focus
  • Greater Self-Discipline
  • Respect for Others
  • or Self-Defense Skills

…you’ll find it here at Dripping Springs Krav Maga!

Our Classes

For children we offer our Kid’s Krav Maga program, where your child will be both challenged and motivated. In these classes, we emphasize character-building and self-improvement while teaching the fundamentals of Krav Maga and self-defense.

kids martial arts classes
martial arts for teens in Dripping Springs

Why Choose Dripping Springs Krav Maga?

So why should you choose Dripping Springs Krav Maga for your child? 

  • Increased Confidence – Kids are almost overwhelmed with all the negative images and messages in society today. That’s why we implement the very best methods for building confidence in kids, and keeping them jazzed for training through helping them experience success. There’s nothing that will build a kid’s confidence like experiencing repeated personal success – that’s a fact!
  • Better Grades – Is your child either unmotivated or uninterested in homework and academic achievement? We work with every child in our program to motivate them to succeed – in school and life! And, we use positive reinforcement to help your child appreciate the value of a good education.
  • Greater Self-Esteem – A positive self-image is almost a prerequisite to a having a positive outlook on life. Yet, so many kids struggle with their self-image today. Here at Dripping Springs Krav Maga, we work to help shape your child’s self-image to appreciate the person they are, inside and out. Then, we reinforce that image over time to make it rock-solid and unshakeable.
  • An Improved Attitude – While all martial arts classes teach respect and discipline, it takes a special instructor to make kids WANT to behave and listen! We understand what kids need to motivate them to respect parents and teachers… you’ll notice a difference in your child’s behavior from day one.
  • Bullying Prevention – Children are often bullied because they lack confidence in 3 areas: social skills and connections, self-image, and physical self-image. We build children up in all three areas so they have the tools to stand up to bullies while dealing with confrontation constructively. The bottom line? Confident, connected kids rarely get bullied. We’ll help your child get there.

These are just a few reasons why Dripping Springs parents are buzzing with praise for our programs!


Here's What Your Child Will Learn At Noble Martial Arts:


At Noble Martial Arts, we use positive coaching techniques to build your child's confidence while they learn valuable safety & self-defense skills.

Life Skills

In each and every class, we instill life skills in an age-appropriate, kid-friendly manner. Your child will develop the skills they need to succeed in school and life.

Positive Attitude

When kids believe in themselves, they can achieve anything. Your child will develop a winning attitude so they can reach their full potential.

Academic Achievement

Our academic achievement program will encourage your child to excel in school and have improved behavior at home as well.

Safety Skills

We have a unique, proprietary child safety curriculum that is research-based and fun for children. Your child will learn skills that will keep them safe and aware.

Bullying Prevention

Confident kids with solid social skills are less likely to be bullied. Your child will develop the confidence and skills to stand up to and outsmart bullies.

Ready To Get Started?

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We look forward to meeting you in class!


Michael Massie, Owner
Dripping Springs Krav Maga
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Phone: 512-566-7071

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